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Please pray for thor bear, our 9 week old rottie puppy who has suffered miserably with parvo virus. Pray the plasma he received yesterday helps to restore and build his immune system. He needs to come home with us! god bless you! shawn and linda/rn.
Posted by Shawn on 28 June 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
My tootsie needs prayer for her health and for her pink wart i discovered tonight june 26/2013 while i was cutting her fur please this wart must go and as for her health she gets up fast ready to run (sometime she stops in her tracks) she shakes she fights me. Please jesus i want my tootsie longer people are amazed how good she looks she's in a great shape for her age. Thank you jesus and the staff at say a prayer for my pet. Com.
Posted by Monique on 26 June 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Please pray for my long time companion, miss kitty". My cat. She has gotten sick and not eating. Vet's have found normal most tests, but she still is getting worse. Please pray for her healing. Amen geg.
Posted by Greg on 16 June 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]   [All]  
Please say a prayer for the return of my lost cat sammy.
Posted by Kelly Haydu on 14 June 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Please pray for our dog lola she came down with a blood disorder out of the blue and the vet is having a hard time curing her. Thank you.
Posted by Dawn on 11 June 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
I need your prayer as i just started my own business selling an abrasives for furniture line beside that i am selling also a supporting stuff such a afoam an etc which according to furniture industry. Pray also for my sins which i always do in understanding. I do this business because i have a project to build an orphan house including school inside which they are need in term of better education here in semarang, central java, indonesia. Please pray for this matter. May wonderful god hear my prayer as well as your sincere prayer. Thank you very much.
Posted by Febri Christian on 10 June 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Please dear lord listen to the prayers that have been sent to you from owners like me who are missing their loved pets. My jelly bean has been gone for 5 days and i am beside myself in grief, please hear my prayer and return him to me. In the lords name amen.
Posted by Krissy Ray on 6 June 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Please pray for lost dog cleo. I don t know her personally but know she s been missing for 2 weeks but has been sighted. . She is scared and alone hungry.
Posted by Maggie on 3 June 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Please pray for my beautiful dog portos - he has a big surgery in an hour and we need gods grace to be with him!!!.
Posted by Cristina on 30 May 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Please say a prayer for our sweet little coco, she has not been well, and hasn't been herself, she's going to the vet tomorrow to get checked out again, and we would like to pray there is nothing seriously wrong with her, and hope she makes a speedy recovery.
Posted by Amanda on 28 May 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
My cat, pillage, is a super sweet boy who has been having chronic problems with getting blocked. His urethra has been blocked by crystals and muscle spasms and he has a bladder infection. This has lead to 3 emergency vet visits in the middle of the night and hospitalizations in the past week. They said if he doesn't improve he could require a sex change. This has been painful and stressful for him. We even had to rush him back to the vet after he had what they are calling a "kitty panic attack". Please pray for this sweet boy to get better. Everyone who meets him falls in love with his gentle and cuddly personality.
Posted by Amy on 25 May 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
My cat charlotte somehow got out of the house and hasn't come home. She has done this before and has always come back, but i worry so much about her. Please help me pray for my charlotte to come home. I miss her so much.
Posted by Deborah A Johnson on 21 May 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Krissy Ray
I would like to request prayer for the safe return home of our cat, oreo. Oreo has wandered off before but this time he is missing for more then a month. His mother refers to him as her soul. We both miss his company greatly.
Posted by Kevin And Julia on 13 May 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
Krissy Ray
Please pray for my baby dog lottie. Shes a cavalier king charles spaniel and she's been in critical condition at vets for several days. She has a heart murmur and suffering from it massively now, she's in so so much pain and it's breaking my heart. She can't walk , eat or drink. She struggling to breathe and she may need to be operated on whih could kill her. She's near death now but i need to pray she will get stronger and stronger with her medication. She's my baby my best friend , i love her so much and not stopped crying since the day she got took in. I need her home and healthy. Please pray. I would do anything to swap places with her , she doesn't deserve this she's so sweet and gorgeous and loving. Please please pray my darling lottie will get stronger and healthier and fight this battle please. I love her with all my heart and i can't loose her !.
Posted by Antonia on 12 May 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
My 12 year old papillon, micah, has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure. Please pray that he is either healed or the progrression of the disease is slowed down. We would like a little more time with in thank you.
Posted by Donna Ladisheff on 26 April 2013 . Send  [Candle]   [Flower]   [Kiss]   [Message]  
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